The Santa Monica Company


Sharp and invigorating, aromatic and thirst-quenching

Our lemonade is made with the finest Sicilian lemons paired with the tangiest, Mexican limes.

These flavours harmonise impeccably to create the ultimate mixer for a range of spirits including Tequila (Don Julio Blanco, if we are being picky), Gin and Vodka. Or the most refreshing of sophisticated pick me ups when drunk alone.

As well as a delightful floral aroma, our green tea adds a subtle, satisfying dryness that has you going for another sip before you have even managed to put the can down.

At 6 calories per can and containing no added sugar, however you choose to enjoy our lemonade we won’t be playing on your guilty conscience. The added multivitamins, green tea extract and 60mg of naturally occurring caffeine? You can have those on us.


Lemonade. A wonderfully simple concept, the original hustle. We even built a lemonade stand.

But what we had actually developed was Lemonade’s mature, complex and highly adaptable older sibling.

The Santa Monica Company’s Signature Green Tea Lemonade, the drink for all occasions.


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