The Santa Monica Company


Back in 2016 two old school friends had a series of phone calls that set us on a course to launch The Santa Monica Company. Essentially we were just two friends setting up a lemonade stand to make ends meet… but we have ever so slightly greater aspirations. Brought together by a desire to have it all without compromise we wanted a product that we could enjoy whilst training, as an afternoon pick me up and then later in the restaurants, nightclubs and bars mixed with our favourite spirits.

What did this product need to be able to do all of the above? It had to be low calorie with no added sugar, it had to have the perfect dose of caffeine, it had to have a refreshing taste that was also robust and complex enough to make it the perfect mixer. Once we’d ticked these off we went back and looked at the wildcards we’d mentioned, could we add a multivitamin, green tea extract perhaps? We found a way.

What were we left with? Lemonade. A wonderfully simple concept, the original hustle. We even built a lemonade stand. But what we had actually developed was Lemonade’s mature, complex and highly adaptable older sibling. The Santa Monica Company’s Signature Green Tea Lemonade, the drink for all occasions.

It’s already been a journey. We were told you couldn’t develop a drink and successfully market it to be sold in gyms and nightclubs “you’ll confuse the consumer.” We’ve since secured partnerships with 5* Hotels, London’s top premium health clubs as well as the most exclusive west end night clubs. Recently we refreshed and hydrated a class at KXU and then moved into their bar and served them post work-out cocktails featuring our partner Don Julio tequila.

People who love our product aren’t confused, They know exactly what they want! They want to have their cake and eat it and we’ll do everything we can to make that possible.

P.S. We’ve thrown some pretty wild launch events. Our record is 863 cocktails served to a guest-list of 85… We can’t say for sure but we’ve personally never come across anyone with a hangover the morning after a Santa Monica party. Maybe it’s just the lack of guilt or maybe it’s the multivitamins but we may have just cured the hangover at source.